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                We warmly welcome you to visit us!
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                Guangdong Reinalite Industrial Co.,Ltd.

                Chinese Humanistic Spirit,Worldwide Reinalite!


                Guangdong Reinalite Industrial Co., Ltd.

                Reinalite is a top 10 Chinese manufacturer of aluminum panels and has been in business of aluminum decorative & constructive building material for tens of years.we have 2 factories with over 40000 square meters in Guangdong, providing over 80000 square meters monthly production ability for your requirement.

                Our main products are aluminum panel, aluminum ceiling, aluminum air conditioner cover, perforated aluminum panel. The products are widely used in decorative & constructive building materials for ceiling, curtain wall, roof, exterior wall, air conditioner, balcony, pillar, lobby, corridor, railing, balustrade, grilles, partition, display platform, wall cladding, screen, etc.

                We warmly welcome you to visit us!

                • Aluminum Perforated Metal Panels For Curtain Wall or Facade In Mexico

                • Aluminum Solid Panels For Curtain Wall In Mexico

                • Aluminum solid panel with customized perforation in dry cassette facade system

                • The Chaoshan International Airport in Jieyang, Guangdong

                • The aluminum panels project of Poly Group in Guangzhou

                • The Air Conditioner Cover Project of Yongsheng Pearl Garden in Gaozhou City

                • The Facade Project of Puning Shopping Mall

                • The Facade Project of Foshan Youth Cultural Palace

                TEL:0086-(0)758-3103133 FAX :0086-(0)758-3103303 E-mail:darren@dglnlt.com; vivian@dglnlt.com; april@dglnlt.com
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